From anger and annoyance, to love

In middle school, I was having a difficult time getting along with my parents and enjoying school. I always complained about the overload of homework and how I believed the majority of my teachers were unreasonable. I felt constantly stressed, overwhelmed, and frustrated. Eventually, I began taking out this anger on my parents, straining our relationship. Every little thing they did annoyed me, and I felt misunderstood.

Then, in the middle of the school year, I became sick and had to be pulled out of classes. What started out as minor symptoms gradually increased and became persistent. My mom prayed for me and shared ideas daily, but, as had become typical for me, I only became agitated with her. I stubbornly held to the thought that the sickness would pass on its own. However, when I began to experience severer symptoms, I decided to call a Christian Science practitioner for help and also listen to the ideas my mom was sharing.

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