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Eye on the World

March 2017

What’s in the news—and how might you pray about it? Sentinel editors share prayerful insights into news stories from around the world, and provide links to related articles on JSH-Online.

Eye on the world: Thwarting every effect of terrorism

The reach of our prayers—which are based on an understanding of the power and governance of divine Love, God—can destroy every claim of evil.

Eye on the world: Healing a humanitarian crisis

As government and aid groups respond to the humanitarian crisis in Africa, prayer based on an understanding of the ever-presence of God to meet the human need can help bring healing.

Eye on the world: Restoring education in Iraq

The innocence, purity, and receptivity of children are maintained by divine Love, God—who cares for each of His children.

The needs of all mankind are known to God, divine Love. Our prayer can acknowledge the fact that man is already endowed with health and harmony.

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