Eye on the world: Praying for peace with North Korea

In “What to think of North Korea on Peace Day,” published September 15, 2017, The Christian Science Monitor Editorial Board writes “A bias has long existed in international affairs to look at the likelihood of a conflict breaking out, a sort of fear-based model of analysis that presumes peace is merely the absence of war and that people can be led by fear. Much of the analysis thus looks at ‘negative drivers’ for war, such as a country’s economic and social fragility or a national leader’s desire to stay in power. Experts on North Korea, for example, debate the worst aspects of the regime in Pyongyang, such as its irrational behavior, and whether those factors will lead to nuclear conflict. The reverse type of analysis receives far less attention. ‘There is little data and evidence on positive drivers, or “positive interrupters” or “resilience,” ’ states the Institute for Economics & Peace in a new report about methods used to assess the risks of war. This bias toward negative factors results in missed opportunities for peace, the report concludes…. [T]he United Nations acted in 1981 to designate International Peace Day, which will again be celebrated on Sept. 21. (In 2001, the General Assembly voted for the day to be used for cease-fires.) The annual celebration presumes peace is not only attainable but that it is an activity that should include everyone, not only politicians and diplomats.”

Ideas on this subject:

From the Bible:

The Lord bless thee, and keep thee: The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.

Numbers 6:24–26

From the writings of Mary Baker Eddy:

Through the wholesome chastisements of Love, nations are helped onward towards justice, righteousness, and peace, which are the landmarks of prosperity. In order to apprehend more, we must practise what we already know of the Golden Rule, which is to all mankind a light emitting light.

The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany, p. 282

With one Father, even God, the whole family of man would be brethren; and with one Mind and that God, or good, the brotherhood of man would consist of Love and Truth, and have unity of Principle and spiritual power which constitute divine Science.

Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, pp. 469–470

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In “The approach that heals”: “The advanced approach is the Christly approach. Not to pacify, not to condone, not to fight, but to heal is the only animus of this approach. And it is more powerful in its effect than all the might of matter developed by human invention.” And “It is significant that in the final chapter of Revelation the leaves of the tree of life ‘were for the healing of the nations’ (Rev. 22:2).”

In “There is no reality in war”: “There can be no reality in war, because Love is ever present; and there is no hate or prejudice in Love.” And “Furthermore, there can be actually no war because there is but one man—God’s man, who is conscious of safety, harmony, peace, and other qualities of universal divine Love. There is no place where these qualities and all the ideas of God are not true and active. The spiritual universe is God’s reflection. Consequently, there is no place where inharmony can exist, and no circumstance that can separate man from the consciousness of peace.”

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