After the robbery—love, not anger

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Several years ago, on a Sunday evening, just before dark, my husband and I decided to take our dogs for a walk. We were only gone about 45 minutes, but when we got back, we noticed some things were strewn around in our bedroom, and it occurred to me that someone might have been in the house while we were gone. But then we decided that the dogs had been jumping around in their excitement before the walk, and maybe they’d knocked some things over. Everything else in the house seemed normal.

The next morning, we noticed that a new credit card, which had been by the phone and needed to be activated, wasn’t there, and my husband couldn’t find his wallet. We did call two credit card companies and the bank to report that the credit cards were missing. Later in the morning, just before we left the house, I went to find a little wooden box in which I keep several pairs of earrings. It was gone. At that point, we knew that someone had actually been in our home.

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