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Food for thought

[Keith Wommack, “Touches of grace,” Sentinel, April 17, 2023]

This beautifully simple and practical editorial expresses such grace. And the statement “. . . any lie calling itself a material condition can appear only because the truth it’s lying about is already firmly established” is food for thought. Thank you!

Nancy Holmes, via JSH-Online.com

A reminder

[Mark Raffles, “Defend your thoughts,” Sentinel, April 17, 2023]

What a relief and comfort to be reminded that the inverse of good is never a reality but always a mental suggestion. I’m grateful for the conviction of this truth that I felt after reading this piece. Thanks for the reminder that our lives, filled hour by hour with the consciousness of good, are a joyful, living defense.

Deb Hensley, via JSH-Online.com

Important healing

[Martine Blackler, “Leaving regret behind,” Sentinel, April 10, 2023]

Thank you to Martine Blackler for sharing this important healing. It’s expressed so beautifully. There are several regrettable things that I did before I found Christian Science, and this line of prayer has brought healing freedom from a false past. 

Richard Arlen, via JSH-Online.com

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May 29, 2023

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