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Catching sight of our God-given, God-reflecting freedom heals our minds and bodies.
Keeping Watch
Jesus healed—almost involuntarily—by the very nature of his oneness with God, his pure embodiment of “the ever-presence of ministering Love.”
The teaching of Christian Science that each and every one of us is free inspires us to understand the spiritual basis of true freedom and demonstrate that freedom through grace.
Enjoy this week’s poetic offering.

Think singing thoughts

On the morning of the audition, I awoke with absolutely no voice. I had learned so much about the mental nature of activity through my study of Christian Science that it came to me very clearly that this was an opportunity to prove that singing is entirely mental and not dependent upon materiality at all.
TeenConnect: Your Healings

Pray about sports? Really?

When this field hockey player’s dad encouraged her to pray about her games, she brushed it off, thinking it was just a pep talk. But then came a day when she did pray . . . and it changed her whole approach to sports.
I was able to spend time in the Christian Science Reading Room, studying and praying. I wanted so much to quit smoking.
Testimony of Healing
Accepting only that I was in God’s perfect care stopped the pain, and I was able to move about freely.
Testimony of Healing

Dance injury healed

I felt a deep Christlike strength with which to totally rebel against the pain. 
Bible Lens


Jesus makes clear that spiritual teaching must take precedence over outward service.
Letters & Conversations

Letters & Conversations

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