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Christian caring, including Christian Science nursing, is not a substitute for prayer, or something to do when the healing results of prayer don’t yet seem evident. It moves hand in hand with Christian Science healing treatment in bearing witness to the presence and power of divine Love to heal.
Keeping Watch
Wisdom’s voice can be heard and accepted. It can win the day for individuals and for nations.

As the tree . . .

As the tree, so am I strong—prayerfully bolstering every branch of thoughtagainst the stubborn weight of fear, doubt, pain—secure in God’s might alone.

Decisive joy

If I feel as if I’ve lost my joy, I go looking for it! And I keep searching until I find it. I pray about joy, for myself and for the world. Joy comes from knowing God, loving God, and being grateful for God’s love for all. 
Moment by moment, I listened quietly to God’s messages of love. It was a yielding, a letting go of human struggling and striving, but not in a fatalistic way. It was more like handing the problem over to a loving parent.
I had a thought that I might find a best friend very soon. I think that might have been God talking to me because of what happened next.

No more hereditary rash

When our first son was young, he was such a happy boy, who loved laughing and bouncing higher and higher in his bouncy seat when he was not yet walking.
Testimony of Healing
I was so grateful for the assurance that because God loves and cares for each one of us as His child, I was naturally immune to this or any virus.
Testimony of Healing
In the morning, when I put my feet on the floor, there was absolutely no pain.
Bible Lens
“The day of the Lord” is a major theme in the Hebrew Bible.
Letters & Conversations

Letters & Conversations

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