One hundred percent confident

Is it possible to trust this much in God for healing?

Conventional wisdom says we can’t be absolutely sure about anything—there is always some doubt. The standard for quality in the manufacturing field is if there are only 3.4 defects per million opportunities for defects, or 99.9996 percent pure overall. Is 99.9996 percent good enough? Many would probably say yes. The field of quality control indicates that it is prohibitively costly—some would say impossible—to achieve 100 percent, or perfection, in manufacturing. But when we pray for healing, is it possible to be 100 percent confident in God? 

Christ Jesus introduced the world in an extraordinary way to the concept of perfect assurance and absolute, calm conviction in good, God. His prayers showed 100 percent confidence in God’s power and were demonstrations of full certainty that God was governing man (the spiritual identity of each of us) as perfect, 100 percent pure, right in the midst of trouble. And healing was the result.

“God with us” all
April 18, 2022

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