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"Peace—to every heart"

Throughout the Old Testament, the Hebrew word used for peace is predominantly šālôm, commonly rendered shalom in English. This peace not only refers to the absence of conflict between individuals or nations, but also points to an inner quietness for each of us, a spiritual tranquility that includes a genuine sense of completeness or wholeness.
Keeping Watch

Finding the deep peace of God

The universe of Love is our home, our natural resting place. It’s a place of stability, calm, love, abundance, and health. 
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It took only a few minutes of turning to God and praying along these lines before my thought changed to one of spiritual conviction.

“God with us” all

We can insist that our thinking not be invaded by any sense of helplessness, futility, or defeat. This kind of warfare—mentally destroying every claim that dares to oppose the knowledge and allness of God—is the only means of overcoming conflict and war.

Questions and answers

Mom assured Joy that God was definitely real.

Healing of neck injury

He was awestruck by the transformation and had to pull over to consider what had just occurred. He could hardly believe that the condition had simply vanished. 
Testimony of Healing

Ankle pain stopped

The pain has gone for good, and now I better understand that God does not author sickness or disease. 
Testimony of Healing

Freed from insomnia

For months I suffered from insomnia.
Bible Lens

Probation After Death

Elijah’s mantle, or cloak, symbolizes his spiritual authority.

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