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A knowable God

God is not a mysterious, unknowable, distant Being, but identifiable and knowable and always at hand. Getting to know God through the synonyms for Him brings to light what the divine presence means to us.
Keeping Watch

This is God’s day

This living so as to keep our thought close to God begins each morning, the minute our eyes open. For me, this starts with immediately acknowledging in some inspired way, “This is God’s day.”
I saw that our branch church had a duty and the ability to be a light in our community.

One way

This poem invites us to celebrate God’s care for us and to rely wholly on His love. 

From heredity to heritage

As we stay alert to our spiritual origin, we can realize the truth of this statement in Science and Health: “In Science man is the offspring of Spirit. The beautiful, good, and pure constitute his ancestry” (p. 63). What could be more desirable than this heritage?
TeenConnect: Q&A

How can I get rid of bad memories?

When her best friend ditched her, this teen struggled with negative memories about eighth grade and even thought of her former friend as an enemy. Would she have to feel that way for the rest of her life?

Cattle protected

The cattle could be hit by a car at any time; they could get lost on the neighboring ranch; or worse, they could make it to the highway. The picture looked bleak, and I was alone. I turned to God. 
Testimony of Healing
The director received me in his office and reprimanded me severely for not having been treated by a medical specialist. He felt I should expect continued aftereffects. But there weren’t any.
Testimony of Healing

COVID symptoms overcome

Love, which is another name for God, not only wipes all my tears away, but also wipes away all symptoms of illness as well as frustration, fear, pain, grief, and confusion.
Bible Lens


“The way” symbolizes a life lived in accord with the law or will of God.

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