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Christly compassion is powerful and active. It takes us with it and moves us all the way to healing. 
Keeping Watch
My new work provided very little income, and I spent many nights lying awake feeling deeply concerned about how this career change would impact our family. During those sleepless nights, I would pray to God for an answer to my uncertainty. 

Grow and know

Enjoy this week’s poetic offering.
Wouldn’t we prefer to triumph over discordant situations by letting the universal presence of God, Love, fill our hearts rather than by reacting to those situations with agitation?
How I found Christian Science
During our trip, this friend injured her foot and sought some time alone for prayer. Later, I saw that she was fine. That made an impression on me, and I wondered if it was her faith that had helped her. 
When something in our lives feels as if it is either galloping out of control or liable to do so, we can refuse to be mesmerized by appearances and listen to God’s spiritual messages.
How could something spiritual and good be injured or have a fever? It can’t!

Chest lump healed

I knew these spiritual facts to be true not only for me but for every one of God’s sons and daughters. In that moment of knowing, I felt an undeniable power that I understood to be Christ, Truth.
Testimony of Healing
This fresh devotion to God completely replaced the fear I’d been feeling and gave my prayers a clear and straightforward direction.
Testimony of Healing
It was so reassuring to think of God as my divine Parent, protecting and caring for me. 
Bible Lens

Soul and Body

Paul compares preparation for running and boxing to spiritual discipline.
Letters & Conversations

Letters & Conversations

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