Chest lump healed

Over a year ago, I was alarmed by a lump that appeared on my chest, accompanied by pain. I had a few guesses as to what it might be labeled medically, but I knew that whatever it was did not belong there. Despite my awareness of this development, I was timid about addressing it and tempted to simply ignore it. Every night when I crawled into bed, however, I felt immensely fearful about it. I would try pushing the fear away with platitudes or nice-sounding ideas about God, but I knew this was just putting off dealing with the problem.

After some time, I got real with myself and admitted that sincere spiritual work was needed if I wanted to be healed. That night as I was attempting to fall asleep and felt fear return, I bolted upright in bed and decided not to ignore the pain any longer. Feeling a newfound courage and willingness to tackle the issue, I turned to God in prayer.

I knew I needed to overcome not only fear but guilt. I was quite concerned about what might happen if the problem grew worse, and I also felt at fault, as though I had somehow caused the problem. With a desire to be free from these feelings, I searched the Bible, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures and other writings by Mary Baker Eddy, and the Christian Science Hymnal for healing truths. I read many passages and verses until I came upon ideas that rang true for me. I would jot them down and meditate on them. With each good idea I wrote down, an opposite claim would flare up as if to challenge it. This wrestling was tiring, but in the midst of the battle, a whisper of courage persisted: “Keep going.”

This went on for many hours, until suddenly, I looked down at my notepad and realized I had a page chock-full of firm, powerful statements, such as, “A spiritual idea has not a single element of error, and this truth removes properly whatever is offensive” (Science and Health, p. 463) and “The ideal of God is no longer impersonated as a waif or wanderer; and Truth is not fragmentary, disconnected, unsystematic, but concentrated and immovably fixed in Principle” (Mary Baker Eddy, Retrospection and Introspection, p. 93). 

These truths no longer felt like a collection of unrelated statements. They no longer came with aggressive contrary claims. There was no more “lump” between my understanding and the actual harmony of my being. What was left was a solid landscape of truth about God and me—the spiritual, uncontaminated image of God. 

This holy moment moved and empowered me. I knew these spiritual facts to be true not only for me but for every one of God’s sons and daughters. In that moment of knowing, I felt an undeniable power that I understood to be Christ, Truth. As I let this wash over me, fear and guilt became distant until they completely dissipated.

This “breaking of the day” (Genesis 32:24), as described in Jacob’s own wrestling with a longstanding issue, brought a sweet relief, and I knew I was completely healed. I quickly fell asleep, and by the end of the following day, there was no sign of a lump and no pain. My body was restored, but more than this, a new understanding of my unhampered spiritual identity was fixed in my heart. My gratitude for Christian Science overflows.

Emma Herman
Saint Louis, Missouri, US

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November 14, 2022

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