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Keeping for reference

[Betty Ames, “Healing motherly concerns with divine Love,” Sentinel, May 3, 2021 ]

I’m working on this very thing and was happy to read this article. I will keep it for reference. Thanks to all for the loving help.

Jill Waller, via JSH-Online.com


[Chioma Bishop, Peter Ward, Stormy Falso, “How are you praying about . . . highly charged events?” cssentinel.com, April 21, 2021]

I love this article. It answers many questions. I have been missing the Sentinel so much because the print copy is coming very late to Spain, but I have discovered JSH-Online.com. Thank you!

Maria J. Duran, via JSH-Online.com

Practical message

[Sentinel Watch, Kris Weitz and Mark Swinney, “A living ministry,” cssentinel.com, February 15, 2021]

I found this to be a most practical message! Since moving to a 55+ mobile home park last year, I have been able to share my love for Christian Science. It has been such a joy to have new friends who are interested in spiritual conversations. This podcast is just an affirmation that it really is simple to share. Many thanks!

Diana Schreer, via JSH-Online.com

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June 7, 2021

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