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That Christian Science heals is attested to by a steady flow of healings of physical and mental illness, injuries, compulsive habits, etc.

The power of one right idea

I imagine that the desperation and hopelessness I was feeling as I stood in the hallway of my home, not knowing where to turn, were not unlike the emotions the Israelites must have had in their dismal situation. But God’s help was there for me as it was for them.
Regardless of what is challenging any of us, we can know that our thoughts are governed by God’s harmony and our actions by God’s grace.

Forward, gracefully

Everyone possesses the God-given “grace to go forward, wherever He guide thee,” no matter the circumstances. Do we need to know specifically what God’s guidance will be? No. All that matters is our willingness to follow it, joyfully and gracefully.

A wake-up prayer

A wake-up prayer
TeenConnect: My church
When India went into lockdown because of the pandemic, this teenager—like those all over the world—found that her life had changed completely. Christian Science Sunday School proved to be an unexpected lifeline.
Testimony of Healing
I started a new path, listening for and obeying what God was telling me, minute by minute. My life began going in a better direction.
Testimony of Healing
I felt a shift occur in my thinking as the congregation read from Isaiah that God is the only presence and power and that nothing could contend with the divine power. 
Testimony of Healing
After contacting the Christian Science practitioner I had the most beautiful feeling of being totally embraced and loved by divine Love, God. Never before have I experienced the comfort of feeling so loved and blessed. 
Bible Lens

God the Preserver of Man

Skopeo, the Greek word translated look, describes having an aim or goal.

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