A positive side effect: Feeling loved

Early last year, I was experiencing pain in one leg, and my mobility was affected. I called a Christian Science practitioner for help in praying for healing and promptly received wonderful treatment. I was completely healed—freed from pain and able to move with ease—in just a few days. We both rejoiced and thanked God with heartfelt praise. 

A short while later, I was struggling with what appeared to be a congested chest, so again I called the practitioner, who was happy to provide inspired, prayerful treatment. I was grateful to be free of the problem and all symptoms in three days. 

On both occasions, after contacting the practitioner I had the most beautiful feeling of being totally embraced and loved by divine Love, God. Never before have I experienced the comfort of feeling so loved and blessed. 

Soon after these healings, an eye test for glasses revealed that I was free of a disease that another eye doctor had diagnosed two years earlier, predicting that I could lose my sight. I had prayed to know my true selfhood as God’s reflection and refused to accept a thought or fear that I could bear witness to anything other than the perfection of God and His idea.

I am deeply grateful for these healings and many other blessings received through Christian Science. 

Sylvia Bunt
Sudbury, Suffolk, England

Bible Lens
God the Preserver of Man
June 7, 2021

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