No repercussions after painful incident

Last summer, I went hiking with friends at the Parc St. Cloud on the outskirts of Paris. I traveled by Metro to meet them, and three stops before the terminus where I was to get off, almost everyone was disembarking to cross the platform to get on a different train. 

Finally, I decided to follow everyone else. But just as I put my head in the doorway of the new train to ask, “Is this train going to St. Cloud?” the heavy doors slammed shut on my head, on both temples. Metro doors close very quickly and forcefully, but stop a few inches before closing completely to allow people to pull their coats and purses from the small opening that remains. Well, my head is wider than those few inches, so—unlike subway and elevator doors in the United States that pop open when they come into contact with something—these doors continued to press harder to close.

Three men jumped up and pried the doors open, and I was able to stumble into the train car. I was quite startled, and there was a throbbing in my head, but a helpful passage on healing I had recently studied came immediately to thought. It was a statement from Mary Baker Eddy’s sermon Christian Healing: “Christian Science repudiates the evidences of the senses and rests upon the supremacy of God. Christian healing, established upon this Principle, vindicates the omnipotence of the Supreme Being by employing no other remedy than Truth, Life, and Love, understood, to heal all ills that flesh is heir to” (p. 15).

With the substance of this statement in mind, I prayed silently, vehemently repudiating the pain and knowing that in reality I am God’s spiritual creation, perpetually governed and cared for by God, and therefore not subject to accident or injury. While traveling that day, I had been reading the weekly Bible Lesson from the Christian Science Quarterly on my phone, and I continued to do so. I felt calm. Three stops later, at the terminus, I stayed in the station to finish studying the Lesson and praying to know my perfection and well-being as God’s child.

I soon met my friends, and we walked several kilometers, enjoying a beautiful time together. I didn’t have even the slightest headache. Instead, without fear, I enjoyed a wonderful day knowing that all was well. I have been perfectly fine since, with no repercussions.

I am ever grateful to be a student of Christian Science, to have experienced numerous healings by depending solely on Christian Science, and thereby to know assuredly of my immediate, continuous, and divinely maintained safety. 

Patricia LeBlanc
Paris, France, and Gig Harbor, Washington, US

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