Job and home found through prayer

There was a time when I could not find a job, and my young son and I were homeless. I would drop him off at school in the morning, not knowing where we would stay that night. We were grateful that by the end of each day, we were taken in by someone from our church; but we moved constantly from house to house.

Each day, while my son was in school, I would go to the Christian Science Reading Room to pray about the situation. One day, I recalled an essay my mother had once shared with me. It included some ideas that I found helpful as I prayed about finding a job and home. For example, the author, who is unknown, wrote, “The place you seek is seeking you, the place you need needs you. Divine Principle, Love, brings need and supply together for mutual good.” The author went on to encourage the reader to realize repeatedly during the day that “the fields; . . . are white already to harvest” (John 4:35). 

I also prayed with this statement from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy: “Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need” (p. 494). Of course, my human needs included work as well as a home, so as I continued to search, I held to the idea that God, divine Love, was meeting my needs.

The Reading Room I visited was located in a business building, and there happened to be a Christian Science practitioner’s office on the second floor. One day I was feeling really discouraged, and I went to see this practitioner to ask for prayerful help. After talking to him, I returned to the Reading Room to continue studying and praying. A couple of hours later, I went back to his office, as panic was beginning to take over. He graciously shared more spiritual ideas and reminded me that he was actively praying for me. 

When I walked into his office for the third time that day, he lovingly but firmly asked me to do three things before returning again. First, I was to go back to the Reading Room and open the Bible, Science and Health, or one of the Christian Science periodicals and read whatever I was led to. Second, I was to start being grateful for everything I could think of. And third, I had to do something for someone else.

With that assignment, I returned to the Reading Room and found an article to read from the Christian Science periodicals. Although I do not recall what it was, I do remember that it gave me an uplift that enabled me to start fulfilling the second requirement of expressing gratitude. I mentally started listing everything I was grateful for: the church members who took us in each night, the practitioner, the Reading Room, the church, and so on—right down to things such as trees and flowers.

The last assignment was to do something for another person, and it came to me to pick up my son’s school pictures that had recently been taken. As I was driving to the school, I joyously expressed my gratitude for everything I passed—even the gas station and the fact that my car had gas in it.

The school photographer also managed the school’s business publications. The photos weren’t ready, but as I was leaving, the assistant who worked in his office followed me out and asked if I had found a job. (I did not know her, but later learned she had heard about my situation from others.) When I confirmed that I had not found a job, she said that this was her last day at work, and that her supervisor had not yet hired a replacement. She suggested I go back and talk to him and ask for the job. Within a few minutes of speaking with him, I was hired, and the assistant started training me.

While we were working together, she also asked if I had found a place to live. She then told me she knew of a lady who was planning to be away for a while and needed someone to housesit for her. I contacted this woman, and my son and I were able to move in immediately. In time, we were able to get an apartment for ourselves.

I did not return to the practitioner’s office again that day, although I definitely did call and tell him the good news! How grateful my son and I were for this answer to our prayers, which met all our needs at that time. And how blessed we were by each of these people who touched our lives and so lovingly helped us. The position at the school provided a stable income for two years, before I moved on to a job that enabled me to utilize leadership skills I had gained in the military as well as my teacher’s training.

This was many years ago. I am now retired with a secure income, and I own my home. I will always cherish this experience, as it proved that divine Love does meet our needs in practical ways.

Charlotte G. Kinney 
Carlisle, Pennsylvania, US

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