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Over the years, an awareness that life is neither confined to mortality nor a fragile thread easily broken had been growing as I studied the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.

From loss to Life

An understanding of Life as God suddenly became imperative when my father passed on unexpectedly, presenting me with the greatest challenge I’d ever faced.

Standing on the Rock

The harmony and well-being of our daily lives may be challenged severely, but nothing can upend them as we stand on the Rock, Truth, and on Jesus’ demonstrations of victory over discordant circumstances through trust in and the understanding of God.
The antagonistic force of personal will only serves to strengthen entrenched beliefs.
Image and Inspiration

Image and Inspiration

This week’s photographic inspiration and related text.

Hymns can help!

One day my mom took me to the bike track, but I was scared of going down bumpy hills. I decided to sing Hymn 1 from the Christian Science Hymnal.
Testimony of Healing

Job and home found through prayer

I was hired on the spot.
Testimony of Healing
I knew I had to stop seeing prayer as a ticket to temporary relief. I had to heal my thinking about this recurring pain.
Testimony of Healing

Quick healing after a fall

I turned my attention to the truth of God’s precise, continuous government of all creation.
Bible Lens

Christ Jesus

Shining a light on the weekly Bible Lessons published in the Christian Science Quarterly® 

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