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From the readers

Share how you found Christian Science
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God’s gift of spiritual (not material) life is given us as His image, and it is ours forever.

Buoyant in Spirit

When I let go of the sense that I can personally solve a problem, and instead put my trust in Spirit, I find healing.
The goal of this devotion, study, and prayer is to draw closer to God.

Voting for humility

No matter how exasperated he was, Moses turned to God for guidance, and there was consistently a solution.

Will you be my neighbor?

We can bridge divides with a genuine desire to love each person as God’s capable, worthy, spiritual creation.

Finding a perfect home

Home is really the consciousness of the kingdom of God within us.
TeenConnect: Your Healings
Struggling with painful ankles during a hike, this counselor-in-training wanted to be healed through prayer but was concerned a healing could take time. A spiritual insight proved her wrong—and brought freedom.
From Kids
I have been attending the Christian Science Sunday School in Chandigarh, India, since I was little.
Testimony of Healing

Car accident injury healed

That Friday in 2015 began as a typical morning for me.
Testimony of Healing
For the first ten years of my marriage I was able to become pregnant only twice.
Testimony of Healing

No more nightmares

Some years ago I was experiencing a series of vicious dreams in the early morning just before waking up.
Image and Inspiration

'The depth, breadth, heigh ...'

Jesus saw persecution as an opportunity to prove the omnipotence and omnipresence
of divine Love.
Bible Lens

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