The allness of Life

Mary Baker Eddy had been an avid reader of the Bible all her life. But after she experienced a life-changing healing and recovery from a near-fatal fall—while reading an account of healing from Jesus’ ministry—she studied the Bible even more diligently, and almost exclusively, for the next three years. Eventually, she wrote Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, in which she gives seven synonyms, or names, for God—Life, Truth, Love, Soul, Mind, Spirit, and Principle (see p. 465 )—that she uses throughout her writings on Christian Science.

One synonym for God that I’ve pondered deeply is Life. I’ve reasoned that if God is Life, and if man—including each one of us—is made in the image of God, as it says in the Bible, then God, not a material body, is our Life. Jesus proved the practical effects of understanding this spiritual fact; so what better place to look for an understanding of God as Life than to Jesus’ unparalleled example? 

February 18, 2019

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