Child healed after skiing accident

I love to ski, and my children began learning to ski at a very young age. One day on the bunny slopes, my youngest son, then two years old, caught an edge, fell, and didn’t get up. I bent down to look more closely and saw that he was unconscious; his face appeared frozen in an unnatural position, with his jaw askew. My first thought was No! This protest of Love filled the space where fear would otherwise be, and held the ground for divine Mind to take full control. I was directed with urgency and action to take off my skis, remove the boy’s helmet, lift him into my arms, and run to the nearest ski lift.

When I got there, I yelled for someone to call the ski patrol, and then sat on the snow with my son. A lady skied by and stopped. She said she was a nurse, and added, “I have seen little ones come back.” “Come back?” I thought. That had never occurred to me! In that moment, I realized I could do more. I took out my cellphone and called my Christian Science teacher. Despite a poor connection, he heard my urgent request to pray. My son had been unconscious for what seemed like several minutes. Within a few moments of my making that call, the child regained consciousness and began moving his jaw. 

I’m beginning to see the light
December 23, 2019

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