Chronic muscle pain dissolves

For decades I lived with constant back pain, and about once a year I would get a severe pain that made any movement very difficult. With great care, the worst of the pain would fade away after three or more months. So in the early fall of 2018, when I felt this severe pain again, I thought I was condemned to months of inactivity and pain. However, after three days of this, I was thinking of all that I had been healed of through Christian Science—fevers, hearing loss, measles, and much more. I knew that no problem could be beyond God’s power. So I decided to pray to God to find healing.

Humbly, I listened with all my heart for His answer. Immediately, the idea came that I should learn more about God. I would do this by asking God each morning for a lesson, and then working all day on understanding that lesson. Determined to learn more, I asked God for my first lesson and heard a question: “Why did Jesus heal?” 

Testimony of Healing
Running freely again after a fall
December 9, 2019

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