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[Sentinel Watch podcast, Nate Frederick, “How can I find simplicity in the complexity of modern life?
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It became clear to me that I had just one task: to express unselfishness.
The spiritual significance of Christmas cuts through the clamor of too-busy schedules and the sorrow of disappointments. 
God is the source of boundless good, which is expressed in limitless ways. 
This time of year, I honor the spiritual meaning of Jesus’ birth.

God’s goodness is unlimited

God is not an arbitrary source of good but is infinite good itself.
This summer, when I was at my grandma and grandpa’s house, I had a very fast healing.
Testimony of Healing
For decades I lived with constant back pain, and about once a year I would get a severe pain that made any movement very difficult.
Testimony of Healing
My jogging partner and I had been running for more than two hours, and it was after sunset when we finally arrived back near our starting point.
Testimony of Healing

Cold symptoms gone

For years, I had accepted having colds almost as an annual event.


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This sacred sanctuary is a holy consciousness where the worship of God and the experience of healing are inseparable.
Bible Lens
God’s tender love, demonstrated through Jesus’ healing works, continues to be available for us today.

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