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[Mark Rendina, “Cancer healed,” Sentinel, February 12, 2018]
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Guilty or innocent?

Selfishness yields more and more to Love’s way as we learn to put God first. 
Evil can take no root in thought when we are alert to our duty to defend ourselves against it.

A guest of God

In the air, on the water, or in outer space, we can in truth never be outside the peaceful precincts of God’s authority and care.

Home, unconfined

Understanding the infinitude of Spirit can remove fear of change.
I affirmed that God’s man is spiritual, expresses cooperation, integrity, and love, and cannot harm another or be the victim of a mistake. 
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You can catch angels!

You can catch angels! (Song edition)
Testimony of Healing
A number of years ago, I found myself having moments of anger for no apparent reason.
Testimony of Healing
In recent months we have been inundated with news of men being identified, castigated, and even fired from their jobs for inappropriate behavior toward women.
Testimony of Healing
A number of years ago I noticed a growth in the groin area.
I was, as always, on the side of the road,encumbered by the cloak of what I thought my destiny.
'To Bless All Mankind'

Saudi Arabia hands women the keys

Most nations are in a race for higher levels of innovation and none more so than Saudi Arabia.
'To Bless All Mankind'
Considering the implications of giving Saudi women the right to drive.
The spiritual sense of being at home in eternal Love is experienced whenever thought, uplifted through prayer, reaches a recognition of being enwrapped in God’s care. 
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