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From the readers

[“No limited connection to good,” Debbie Simmons, July 3, 2017, Sentinel]
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Whenever acts of injustice appear in my day-to-day experience, I employ persistent prayer as my form of protest.

The shelter of divine law

The divine law of oneness with God operates without partiality and tenderly governs and embraces all.

Marking the perfect man

How do we behold—see—God’s perfect man? By starting with God.
I needed to dive deeper into the law of order by learning to love the beauty of the law itself as an expression of Principle.
TeenConnect: Turning Point
She thought a life of partying would be so much more satisfying than being a “naïve” Christian Scientist. Several years later, lost and depressed, she began asking the question: Could God be there after all? And could He help her out of this mess?
Testimony of Healing

Harmony reigns at home

Several months ago, I traveled to another state to help a relative and her family.
Testimony of Healing
One afternoon a few weeks ago, I found myself dealing with extreme back pain.
Testimony of Healing
Several years ago when I came back from an overseas business trip, I was constantly falling asleep.
Since God, indeed, fills every space,Then there is not a single placeWhere I can travel or will wander,Where I won’t be completely underGod’s protective shield—His allness, His eternal lovingkindness.
'To Bless All Mankind'

When disaster brings reconciliation

Natural disasters often create unexpected bonds between people, even between longtime rivals, which can then alter the course of history.
'To Bless All Mankind'
Pastor James Wuye and Imam Muhammad Ashafa are unlikely friends.
Real individuality isn’t lost but found through drawing closer to God.
Bible Lens

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