Hearing restored

Two summers ago I spent five weeks in Florida helping to care for my mom. I love the ocean, so early in my stay I went several times to the nearby beach to swim. I returned from the beach one day and noticed that I could not hear well in one ear. Now and then I had experienced minor difficulties for only a few hours when water remained in an ear, but this time, the situation became progressively worse, even after I left Florida, until I was nearly deaf in that ear. I could not take part in normal conversation, enjoy music, or even wake to my alarm clock. It was also challenging to perform my duties as First Reader at our Christian Science Society.

I was concerned and began to pray about the concepts of hearing and listening. I remembered learning in Primary class instruction that Christian Science treatments need not be complicated but must be filled with conviction and love, and I took this to heart in my prayers.

Testimony of Healing
Injuries from cat healed, harmony restored
April 18, 2016

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