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[“We can conquer temptations,” Mark Raffles, March 21, 2016, Sentinel]
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Healing light for the world

While much of the world is distressed, Christian Science presents to mankind a reason for hope.

God’s harmless creation

No instinct or purpose exists in any of Love’s ideas that would harm or cause suffering.

Rejecting the notion of chance

We learn from the Bible that God is the only creator and governor—governing by law, not by chance.

Drawing closer to God

When relationships fall short, we can go to the Bible and Mrs. Eddy’s writings for all of our answers and comfort.
How I Found Christian Science
During my teen years my outlook on life was bleak.

Healing on the sidelines

Soccer! I love the game.
Bible Lens
Testimony of Healing

Hearing restored

Two summers ago I spent five weeks in Florida helping to care for my mom.
Testimony of Healing
Several times in the weekly Christian Science Bible Lesson a few months ago, the term sober appeared, as in, “Let us watch and be sober”.
Testimony of Healing

My suffering stopped

“Christian Science erases from the minds of invalids their mistaken belief that they live in or because of matter, or that a so-called material organism controls the health or existence of mankind, and induces rest in God, divine Love, as caring for all the conditions requisite for the well-being of man”.
Testimony of Healing

Infected ear healed

To understand the validity of Christian Science is not difficult when I think of the many remarkable experiences I’ve had since taking up its study.
Image and Inspiration

'Our God is Mind, the perfect Mind'

Seashells on Aramoana Beach at Taiaroa Head, Dunedin, New Zealand
How Christian Science came so naturally into practice in this instance has been instructive to me regarding all of life’s challenges.

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