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Originally appeared online in the teen series: Why I'm a Christian Scientist - August 22, 2016

I’m not a Christian Scientist because of what Christian Science enables me to do. I’m a Christian Scientist because it’s the best way I know how to be.

It can be easy to get a very utilitarian view of Christian Science—like it’s this tool we pull off the shelf when we have a problem; this thing we use to resolve relationship issues or find better health. But actually, Christian Science is about understanding that the source of our being is God, divine Love. It’s about seeing that because Love is, we are. We are Love’s actual outcome and expression.

When you stop and think about it, that’s a really radical way to live. Knowing that we’re the outcome of Love enables us to feel fully loved and fully capable of loving at every moment. I like to go through my days being conscious of that as much as possible. Trying to feel more clearly that each of us is the expression of God—the loved of Love.

Here’s a small example of how that has played out. Last year, I was on my way home from my office and was thinking about where I should have lunch. Now, that might seem like a pretty mundane question, but I find that when I’m consciously living and thinking and acting as the loved of Love, there are no mundane questions. The thought that came back to me was: If I knew that everyone was loved, perfectly loved, what would I do? And just like that, I looked at a restaurant I was about to pass by and I felt Love’s unmistakable guidance: I would eat at this restaurant.

Knowing that we’re the outcome of Love enables us to feel fully loved and fully capable of loving at every moment.

After I had lunch, I noticed a homeless veteran who had taken up his spot outside the restaurant. And in that moment I felt such a clear sense of who he really was spiritually—who he was and who I was; that we existed together in Love’s infinite being. I got him a sandwich, and he talked to me about his experiences. It happened that my branch Church of Christ, Scientist, was sponsoring a lecture for veterans and their families and I was able to give him a flyer for it. It was so cool because it wasn’t this thing I had to force in some way or even consciously think through. The whole experience was just about feeling who I was and who he was as Love’s expression. Feeling held in Love. Responding to Love.

As I said, it’s a tiny example, but it really encapsulates why I’m a Christian Scientist. There’s nothing else on earth that gives me a clearer understanding of who I truly am and makes that practical. And it makes that practical in more and more expansive ways. That simple question—what would I do if I knew that we were all loved?—has turned into: I am the outcome of Love, so Love cares, supports, nurtures, and so much more, which means that as the manifestation of Love, I express care, support, nurturing, and so much more. Knowing myself as the outcome of Love has infinite possibilities. So what it means to express God changes for me each day, each moment, as I feel more of my oneness with divine Love.

That’s what I love about Christian Science. It allows me to understand that I’m governed by divine Love instead of by my own personal agenda. The needle of the compass, so to speak, points to true north, which is Love, and everything flows from there. And allowing that “true north” to be at the very center of who I am and what I do is what Christian Science is all about and what I’m all about. My identity is that pure expression of Love, every bit of it governed by Love. That’s who I am, and who we all truly are.

Originally appeared online in the teen column: Why I'm a Christian Scientist - August 22, 2016

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