Burns healed

I have had many outstanding healings in Christian Science, including the restoration of a shattered kneecap, the eradication of a growth, and the lifting of long-standing symptoms of depression. A cancer in a loved one, which was reportedly incurable, was annihilated through prayer. The following healing stands out as another example of the power of God at work in our lives. 

While making macaroni and cheese for my granddaughters, I inadvertently poured a four-quart pot of boiling water onto my left hand as I tried to drain the pasta into a colander. It took me a few minutes to get my mental bearings. Understanding that God is conscious only of His own perfection and knows nothing about accidents or chance, I realized that in the allness of God, good, an accident had never really happened, so I did not need to suffer its seeming ill effects. I needed to refute the pain as an illusion that was no real part of my being as God’s loved child.

Testimony of Healing
Healing of aftereffects of fall
January 11, 2016

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