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Banishing fear with Love

As we meet and overcome fear in our own lives, we contribute to the lessening of fear globally. 

Our true identity

Understanding our true identity helps us deal with challenges.
I agreed with the idea that God loved all of us, not just me.
As the spiritual likeness of God, I was not subject to the shortcomings of a material sense of life.
Comfort From The Psalms

Beside ‘still waters’

Like so many people growing up in Sunday School, I memorized the <a class="tome-reference" href="https&#x3A;&#x2F;&#x2F;login.

Nothing is too hard for God

“Can God heal animals?
Bible Lens
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Testimony of Healing

Burns healed

I have had many outstanding healings in Christian Science, including the restoration of a shattered kneecap, the eradication of a growth, and the lifting of long-standing symptoms of depression.
Testimony of Healing
Last year I visited my daughter and family in Indiana for a few days and then attended my oldest grandson’s graduation from college.
Testimony of Healing

Hiking with freedom

Our hiking trip through northern Spain started out perfectly: long hikes through beautiful scenery, with many kind people along the way.
Image and Inspiration

We thank Thee, heavenly Father

Winter journey
'To Bless All Mankind'

Fearless Guatemala’s lessons for Latin America

When peaceful protests against corruption broke out in Guatemala last April, little did the demonstrators know they would eventually help force the country’s president, Otto Pérez Molina, to resign September 2 under charges of fraud.
'To Bless All Mankind'
Every day the news seems to bring us stories of corruption in a multitude of human arenas.

Peace like a river

True peace requires an understanding of its divine source in God.

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