‘I felt encircled in God’s love’

About a year ago, I experienced some dizziness. I sat down and began to affirm the spiritual truth about myself, that there is only one cause and effect—good, God, and His idea. The dizziness lessened and I got up, but shortly afterward it returned and was quite aggressive. I tried to make it to a bedroom where I could rest and continue to give myself Christian Science treatment. However, I passed out and struck a table before I could reach the bed. When I awoke I was on the floor and in pain. No one was home at the time, and the phone was in another room. The thought came to me: “What’s more important? Trying to get up or turning to God?” 

Several years ago Jill Gooding wrote an article on the Lord’s Prayer in the Christian Science Sentinel, titled “The prayer that ‘covers all human needs’ ”(June 27, 2005). Ever since I first read that article, I have been reading and studying it every day. All I could think of right then was the word God. Then “God is Love.” Then, many of the truths I had read in Jill Gooding’s article came to my thought, especially the “kingdom of heaven” being within us, as Jesus said—and that God’s power is “unopposable.” I felt very loved and close to God at that moment. I felt encircled in God’s love.

Testimony of Healing
No ‘tares’—only ‘wheat’
March 30, 2015

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