Your present standpoint

Whenever you consistently make space in your life to allow spiritual perfection to be not a far-off goal, but your present standpoint, good things always happen. Lack, sickness, and sin can’t help but evaporate as spiritual reality comes gently and clearly into view.

What is spiritual perfection? And, in practical terms, what is a good basis for making spiritual perfection your present standpoint? This perfection actually is found in nothing less than the nature of God. The real essence of you and me originates in the nature of the all-encompassing reality that is divine Spirit, God. Jesus saw this clearly and experienced it, as Mary Baker Eddy explains: “In his resurrection and ascension, Jesus showed that a mortal man is not the real essence of manhood, and that this unreal material mortality disappears in presence of the reality” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, pp. 292–293).

Impact moments
April 7, 2014

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