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[“Love saved us on a summer’s day,” Pamela Brittenham, April 8, 2013, issue]
He who demands our affection, strength, and obedience also supplies them.
It's important to ask ourselves, "What more about God and myself have I learned from this healing?"
When we think of man as the expression of God, all things become possible.
Tom McElroy, a Christian Science practitioner who lives in Boston, Massachusetts, was the guest for this live chat on JSH-Online.

Tell your face about it

It's clearly important what signals we send to our body.
Spiritual Lens


Deepest, highest, safest knowing, God speaking, not man-made.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson
How long does a student get punished for writing 3+3=8 on tests?
The Touch of Class

Moved with joy

When I received a letter of election to membership in The Mother Church from the Christian Science Board of Directors in April 2011, I felt deeply moved by the joy of this news.
Bible Translations: Old & New
Having been reared with the King James Version, I love the spiritual power conveyed through the wording of many books, chapters, and verses, and the poetry of Psalms and Proverbs.

Kids ask...

—Timothy, age 4
Testimony of Healing

Right reasoning brings results

One evening last spring, as I was getting ready to serve dinner, a sharp knife I’d been using fell from the counter and its point fell into the base of my big toe.
Testimony of Healing

Anger overcome

I was really trying to know the Christ.
Testimony of Healing

No more flu symptoms

All the drug stores were advertising flu shots, and my friends were talking about who was home with the flu.
Testimony of Healing

Healing for our son

Shortly after our son was born, the midwife with whom we had worked expressed concern over the coloring of our son’s skin.
Testimony of Healing

Never out of Life's embrace

I was on my way home from work after a night shift when a car pulled across the road in front of my motorcycle.
From the Editors
Watch how your love for God and your true identity moves you forward.

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