Recurring pain ceases

I had just arrived at work one morning when I started to feel a pain in my left side. I began to pray right away, but the pain only grew worse. There was a Christian Science practitioner in my office building. I didn’t know her but felt I should ask for prayerful help. Without calling ahead, I rushed to her office. She was with another patient and kindly asked if I would return a little later. I agreed to do so, even though I wasn’t sure I’d ever see her again. The pain was so intense that it seemed I might pass on at any moment.

I found a place to lie down in the women’s lounge, but it was impossible to find comfort. Suddenly I began to feel a sense of warmth. The next thing I knew, the pain had drained away. I was amazed. One moment it had seemed I would not survive, and the next moment everything had returned to normal. I later learned that the practitioner, seeing my desperate appearance, had begun giving me Christian Science treatment immediately. Christian Science does heal! After I thanked the practitioner for coming to my aid, I returned to my work. I hadn’t been away from my desk for more than 15 minutes!

Renewed compassion
December 9, 2013

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