Purifying prayer for our oceans

I learned about the phenomenon of ocean acidification a few years ago when I heard guest speakers sponsored by a local group called Sustainable Kodiak (SK). An impressive documentary called “A Sea Change” won the NOAA Hero Award in 2010 for explaining this process. It showed that not only are oceans becoming more acidic as they absorb carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, but that increasing acidity threatens corals, mollusks, and crustaceans by softening their protective coverings. Marine waters, especially in the Pacific Northwest, are being closely monitored in hopes of finding answers to preserving fisheries.

Early on, it became apparent to me that my role with the SK group would best be served if I considered the issues from a spiritual perspective. Ocean acidification became a focus of my prayers, with the support of a subcommittee of like-minded thinkers representing various faiths. This group resolved to uplift the SK mission, to “Support and explore, from a spiritual perspective, the efforts and possibilities of the Sustainable Kodiak group; to expand thought in order to access and recognize that there are unlimited resources with practical solutions, on many levels, that enhance our community’s capacity to endure.”

In the Christian Science Bible Lesson
Living the commands of Jesus
August 20, 2012

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