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I always enjoy Phyllis Zeno’s articles [see “Marjorie and the dream,” July 23 & 30 Sentinel, “Community”].

A nurturing shepherd

I recently discovered that present-day usage of the word pastor has roots in the Bible: specifically in the Hebrew word ro’eh, which describes the feeding of sheep, and the Greek poimēn, which means “shepherd.
Ever wanted to know more about how you can take greater advantage of Mary Baker Eddy’s unique system for “self-instruction in Christian Science” through the Bible and her book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures?
Here’s a pastor who offers counsel, peace, and healing 24/7.

Church services heal

Readers and congregation both contribute to truly healing services.

Dancing again

This author’s study of the Word put the spring back in her step.

When the pastor calmed me

Steadiness and peace replace nerves before an interview.
Taking a moral stand during the filming of a TV program helped this actor shine.

Make way for the Christ

How does the Christ reach where the heart has been broken?



In heaven on earth

Spiritual understanding reveals heaven.

Quote quandary

We can share without it being just a bunch of words.
You Can Be a Healer

A pamphlet that changed my life

I had to raise the bar on my expression of cheerfulness, orderliness, patience, and receptivity to Truth and Love.
The Touch of Class

'The rock that is higher than I'

Many decades later, class instruction is still a rock in my experience.

Reprinted from The Christian Science Monitor: Biblical gardening tools

It was actually the children who made the community garden happen.
Sentinel Watch

Purifying prayer for our oceans

Our efforts to keep our surroundings–including oceans–pure can start with prayerful maintenance.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

Living the commands of Jesus

Following Jesus' commandments starts with loving our neighbors as ourselves.
Church Alive

Give a 'cup of cold water'

The love that impels this community offering enlivens and refreshes us all.
Items of Interest
Minus strong spiritual support, a great power like China won’t last long, the Communist party’s People’s Daily said.
Lots of Laughs
“Fight truth decay—study the Bible daily.
Testimony of Healing

Hymns heal

About a year and a half ago, I was home alone and between activities for my two teenage children.
Testimony of Healing

Healed of hepatitis

I once heard a testimony on a Radio Sentinel program about a man working on a fishing boat who listened to a fisherman’s graphic explanation about getting a hook lodged in his hand.
Testimony of Healing
One morning I awoke with severe pain in one arm and part of my breast.
From the Editors
Don't let the fire go out!

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