Perfect! Like I always was.

I love summer camp. One day last summer when I was attending a Christian Science camp, I opened the window of our cabin. I didn’t know there was a hornets’ nest on the window. Before I knew it, hornets were swarming around my feet. One stung me. I ran down to the bottom level of the cabin to my counselor for help, but then could only lie on the ground in pain. My counselor shared truths about God with me. He also said that I had been doing something good and doing good can’t harm you.

I remembered a time when I drew on a piece of paper with invisible ink. I could see the outline fairly well when I was indoors. Then when I looked at it in the outside light, I could not see the outline anymore, but I knew it was still there. Though I wasn’t hearing God when I was so upset, He was still with me. I remember thinking about how God is like the ink and I am like the paper. The ink does not leave the paper, and God did not leave me. I thought about that for a while, and before I knew it, the pain was gone. I was perfect like I always was and always am as God’s child!                     

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