Safe up in the air

One day I was in a plane going from Seattle, Washington, to Missouri, and there was turbulence. I felt very ill. So I prayed with some things a Christian Science friend had shared with me before I went on the trip. This is what I prayed: “God is up, God is down, God is here and all around. There is no spot where God is not” (from a song on the Sing and Shine! CD). 

Then I thought about what this meant to me. God is up, meant everything up above was all good. God is down, meant everything down under us and on the level where we live is good, too. And God is here and all around, meant that I, and every single person on the plane, was filled with God’s love. And last but not least, since there is no spot where God isn’t present, everyone and every place around us is always loved by God. God’s love does not make turbulence and never makes you sick. 

Testimony of Healing
Healed after bunk bed fall
June 25, 2012

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