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Ray of light

What did one ray of light say to another?


I found Kim Shippey’s review of Counterfeit Gods so very helpful [February 6 Sentinel, “Your safety assured”], especially bringing out Timothy Keller’s definition of an idol: “It is anything more important to you than God, anything that absorbs your heart and imagination more than God, anything you seek to give you what only God can give.

Feel only God's goodness

A Christian Science practitioner shared the following experience with me.
Items of Interest
“The story of Christianity as a worldwide faith is being written before our eyes,” declared Dr.
Items of Interest
Saudi Arabia is not exactly famous for religious tolerance.
Freedom from pain doesn't have to wait for "some day." It's possible today.

Yes, sports at 'my age'!

Our bodies shouldn't dictate our activities. God can lead the way.

You don't have to live with pain

When a painful condition persists, there's a way to stand up and resist.

Bikes and kites

Uphill climbs can be opportunities for joyful and buoyant spiritual growth.

An answer in the night

A nighttime revelation enables this author and her husband to prove their innocence in court.

Driven by faith

One of the most heartening success stories of the sporting year 2011, was Trevor Bayne’s triumph in the Daytona 500 in which the 20-year-old rookie became the youngest race driver in history to win the famous event.
Evil might seem like a big mystery, but Jesus' teaching and healing prove evil to be a big nothing.
Sentinel Watch
Corruption has no real power, either over our lives or over any events of the world.

My ballet 'attitude'

Strength in ballet has a lot to do with leaning on divine Principle.
A girl from Australia tells how she prayed when an injury happened.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

What are we relying on?

Without fear there is no foundation on which mortal mind can claim any authority.
We are writing to share with you several changes in the roles and responsibilities of members of the management team of The Christian Science Publishing Society.
Through a Spiritual Lens

Pelicans at Pebble Beach

One afternoon while playing in the California state amateur golf tournament at Pebble Beach, I found that my golf ball was deeply buried in a sand trap near the green.
Testimony of Healing
Late one night in October 2010, I suddenly lost consciousness while walking on an elevated train station platform near my home.
Testimony of Healing

'God was always with me'

Last year, around November, it was raining almost every day.
Testimony of Healing
During a landscape painting trip in Maine, I went water skiing with the family I was staying with.
From the Editors
Whether a radical shift or a slight course correction is needed, we each can deepen our commitment to serving God first and getting a false sense of ourselves out of the way.

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