Are you tuned in to 'K-GOD'?

In the old days, radios had two knobs. One was for volume, the other was for picking up stations’ frequencies. You would scramble through many stations, picking up bits and pieces of voices talking, or music playing, until you found the station you were looking for. As a teenage boy growing up in New York in the 1960s, my husband would lie awake at night in his dark bedroom and adjust his ham radio, rolling the dial up and down, until he would land on a frequency, sometimes as far away as Europe. What a delight to hear, for the first time, a new group, unknown to the US, called The Beatles! As technology progressed, the push button became a faster way to “click on” to your favorite station. These days, with the advancement in media technology, a touch of your finger on a smartphone connects you instantly with your favorite music station, favorite website, or favorite social networking site.

When studying the weekly Christian Science Bible Lesson, and praying for inspiration, I sometimes imagine antennas extending from my head, like the old radios and televisions used to have, and reaching skyward. I dial through my mind’s thoughts (or stations), racing past any negative thoughts that may clutter my thinking, looking for my favorite station. Adjusting the frequency knob, I try to “tune in” to the right station, namely the “Kingdom of God,” or, as I call it, station “K-GOD.” When I have silenced all the negative thoughts, such as fear or lack, God’s message comes in loud and clear.

Your Daily Lift
February 20, 2012

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