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I am so grateful for the insights shared by Lois Carlson in her Sentinel chat called “A spiritual defense against bullying” [January 9, “Facing down bullies in your life”].

Pray it with a song

“Come into His presence with thanksgiving, / Come before Him with a song”.
Items of Interest
During the vibrant years of the Harlem Renaissance, music, religion, and spirituality were connected—not just in the religious setting of the church, but in the jazz club, the dance hall, the rent party, even the political street rally.
Items of Interest
What do prayer, unconditional love, forgiveness, life’s meaning and purpose, and spiritual practice have in common?

When the heart sings

Hymns of all faiths have always been a powerful means of placing trust in God and experiencing His grace and protection.
An exploration of the Christian Science Founder's love of hymns and their role in the culture of her time.

Hymn 207 and finding Mom

Feeling unloved by his mother and wanting to forgive, a writer turns to God and finds inspiration in the "mother-love" expressed in a hymn.

How can a loss be a gain?

A hymn helps this writer through some deep financial waters.
In the News–A Spiritual Perspective

For unity in the Eurozone

Prayer for the Eurozone–why it matters and ways you can help.
When a couple needed to move, they listened for God's guidance.
Your Daily Lift


I used to play a Japanese bamboo flute called a “shakuhachi.
"I need to have a healing now!" gives way to, "OK, God, guide me."
Church Alive

Love is all around

I remember feeling lots of love, especially in knowing that two members of the church were going out of their way to come to see me.
How I Found Christian Science
The demonstration I'd experienced was undeniable; it happened. Why did it happen? How did it happen? 
Sentinel Watch

Iran and a path to peace

Every thought that obeys Christ, that genuinely loves all humanity, is a sure defense against any evil thought that would try to enter individual or collective consciousness and get a strong hold.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson
Jesus went beyond gender to reveal the completeness of the divine, spiritual idea called man.
Testimony of Healing
The Christian Science Hymnal has been a source of inspiration, guidance, and protection for me for over 70 years.
Testimony of Healing

Flu symptoms healed

Recently, I began feeling weak and tired, like a cold or flu might be coming.
Testimony of Healing

Skin condition healed

I’d like to share a healing that occurred while I was in high school.
From the Editors
In truth, peace is in accord with the Almighty's nature, pervades the Almighty's spiritual universe, and conforms to the Almighty's law.

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