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I have been meaning to send my thanks, first of all, for the current order of the Sentinels.

A harvest of spiritual fruits

Thanksgiving is a special time to give deep gratitude to God for the overflowing harvest of fruits we’ve each received from divine Life, Truth, and Love over the past year.
Three elements are key to the Thanksgiving season and beyond.

Praise God's provision

Amid droughts of all kinds, Bible stories prove God’s care.

The geometry of praise

Thank You for the white grass dipped in moonlight,the invisible feet that pass—the feathered owls of the airwith their 180-degree stares.

Every human need?

Prayer helps a journalist on deadline.

During deployment, Love was there

A military chaplain shares.

Conversations in heaven

From fast-talking neighbors, she learns a lesson about focused prayer.

Cause and creation*

Some say the world began with fire—Big Bang with molecules arranged.
Spiritual Focus on Books

New spiritual awakening

How do we experience new light?
A girl tells about a healing at summer camp.
Church Alive

First reader healed

When I was First Reader in my Christian Science branch church, one Friday a common cold I’d been ignoring and not praying about suddenly developed into something much worse.
The Touch of Class

It's no mystery

At no point in my spiritual journey was I without the guidance I needed.

Not so solo

The purpose of the "solo" was just to be alone with your thoughts, talking with God.
A blog post from
Sentinel Watch

Business and the Sermon on the Mount

The Sermon on the Mount is a guiding beacon, lighting the way for everyone.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

Polished mental shields

Christ Jesus models how a grounding in Scripture provides a ready defense.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

Starting right

Job glimpsed God as the creator of all, who knows and cares deeply about His creation.
Items of Interest

The present heaven

“Proof of Heaven,” the recent Newsweek cover article by a respected neurosurgeon describing his near-death, or afterlife, experience while in a seven-day coma has given me a lot to ponder, not the least of which is the courage and conviction it must have taken for Dr.
Your Daily Lift

Safe journey

I have always loved the promise that God gave to Moses before he led the children of Israel to the land of Caanan: “Behold, I send an Angel before you, to keep you in the way, and to bring you into the place which I have prepared”.
Testimony of Healing

Facial injuries healed

A few years ago I stopped in at a car rental agency because my car was going in for repair and I needed transportation.
Testimony of Healing

'A deep stillness' and relief from sickness

Whether physical healing through Christian Science treatment comes immediately or takes more time, it always brings with it such a joyous sense of divine Love’s all-presence and power.
Testimony of Healing

Kittens healed

Last fall, my two sons and I decided to add another pet to our family as a Christmas present.
From the Editors

Grateful teens

Real gratitude, at its purest and highest, doesn't originate with the human mind.

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