Hand injury healed

In the early fall of 2010 my wife and I arranged to have a tree removal company come and take out several tall oak trees on our property. I spent much of the time observing and admiring the skill of the tree experts as they went about their work. Then, with little warning, a potential emergency arose, and I quickly went from being an observer to assisting the workers on the job. In the course of helping the men, it was necessary for me to lift a large piece of heavy-duty plywood that was wedged under the front wheel of their crane truck. At one point the piece of plywood slipped out of my hand and snapped down on the back of my other hand that was on the ground.

After the emergency situation was resolved, I noticed some discomfort in the hand, but I didn’t think a lot about it at the time. The next morning (a Tuesday), while working at my computer, I began to have considerable discomfort. I only gave the situation minimal prayerful attention, as I was working on a deadline for a large charitable organization that had asked me to make a presentation to their investment committee that Thursday. I believe I was unconsciously thinking or assuming it was probably just a sprain and would gradually become less bothersome. However, in the evening while sitting on the sofa after dinner, I found myself gently rubbing the soreness on the back of my hand. At that point it became obvious something wasn’t connected. I was concerned enough to begin praying more earnestly. 

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July 11, 2011

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