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I just wanted to express my gratitude to Janet Horton for her article, “Spiritual Safety Briefing,” in the May 16 Sentinel [“A prayerful response to accidents”].

A spiritual defense against theft

People have lived with theft for centuries.
Items of Interest
Participants at the International Ecumenical Peace Convocation.
Items of Interest
[TV king Mark Burnett] and his wife , actress Roma Downey, are producing the 10-part docudrama The Bible for the History Channel.
Sentinel Watch

Honest to God!

When we understand our own spiritual, honest-to-God nature, we can help others see their honest-to-God goodness. 
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

Living the good life

We can’t fully recognize the enduring love of God — the source of eternal life and continuous good — while immersed in matter.
Read how prayer guided this writer through a seemingly impossible situation at work.
The Christian Science Board of Directors has elected Jonathan Wells to succeed Lyon Osborn as Manager of The Christian Science Publishing Society.

A palette full of light

A fellow artist's concept of "trapping light" led this painter's thought in a spiritual direction.

Signing up for summer camp

A mom must decide what to do when her son is reluctant to go to camp.
God's love removes hatred or irritation from our thinking, blessing us and the world.


Lies fell like ice-cold raindrops.
We all have equal access to the storehouse of heavenly treasures provided by God.
A break-in sparks an investigation. Read to see how prayer helped.
This writer chooses to practice total forgiveness.

‘I give you my wallet’

"A great wave of compassion came over me..."

Prayer after a robbery

When we were first married in the late 1970s, my husband and I had a small two-story home in Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan—a lovely suburb of Detroit.
When college life got to be too much, this teen found a boost in the Bible.
Church Alive

Church and the fig tree

The careful gardener knows that
if she wants a good crop of fruit,
she must prune her tender young tree.
How I Found Christian Science

A great period in my life

In addition to bringing healings to those who came to me,I decided to go out and share Christian Science with others. That is how I became a “walking Christian Science Reading Room”!
Testimony of Healing
This year I am particularly grateful for how all my needs have been met, and for the mental stamina and courage that Christian Science has given me.
Testimony of Healing

Tooth and leg pain healed

A year or so ago, I was struggling with a constantly aching tooth, following some dental work on two other teeth.
Testimony of Healing

Hand injury healed

In the early fall of 2010 my wife and I arranged to have a tree removal company come and take out several tall oak trees on our property.
From the Editors
To live in the kingdom isn't to live in the past.  In fact, it isn't living in time at all.

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