Thank you, God!

Hi, my name is Patricia. I came from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Now I live in Australia with my family.

I’ve attended the Christian Science Sunday School since I was a refugee in South Africa in 2006. In Sunday School I’ve learned that God loves
everyone and that He protects all. Also, that God forgives you when you’ve done something wrong.

I would like to tell you something amazing about God that He did for my baby boy cousin. Damien was very ill and couldn’t go to his day care. My aunty, who lives with us, is not a Christian Science follower, and she gave him medicine. But it didn’t work at all. Damien vomited it all out. My aunty couldn’t stay home with Damien that day because she had already missed a lot of stuff at school, and she had a test to take. So she asked me if I could stay home with Damien. Then I said yes. 

How I Found Christian Science
I attend a different church—and love Christian Science
April 11, 2011

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