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I am thoroughly enjoying the articles in the February 21 Sentinel [“Faith as a grain of mustard seed”].

How does the Christ save in daily life?

The world’s unrest of recent weeks has brought renewed cries from millions of people for protection and stability in the midst of harm and destruction.
Items of Interest

A new era

Looking out my window at home I still see several inches of snow lining the walkway.
Note from the editors:
Items of Interest
Michael Oher made the seemingly unbelievable journey from homelessness to star offensive tackle with the Baltimore Ravens.
Items of Interest
Islam was the most frequent topic of religion news coverage in 2010, as the media doubled the amount of time and space devoted to religion compared to 2009.
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How useful is religion?

In a survey by a leading market research company, Ipsos, done last fall, people in over 20 countries were asked if they believed religion had a positive or negative impact on their lives.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson
Oneness leaps off the pages of this Bible Lesson titled “Doctrine of Atonement.

A new adventure in our life

Leaving behind the familiar becomes a lesson in trusting Christ's message of love.

Sin spelled out

There is an “i” in sinA me that misleadsConfuses then regrets.
Church Alive

Your questions about Church

We can, of course, meet to exchange ideas on praying about such important issues, in person or via social media. —Tony Lobl
In the News–A Spiritual Perspective

Fearless prayer for North Africa and the Middle East

United by prayer, we each can support progress in the Middle East and North Africa.

Do we need a Savior?

Any Christian who has felt the presence of the Christ, the spirit which Jesus lived and modeled, knows how "personal" or intimate this saving power of God's love is.
We can strive to see others an always worthy of redemption and love.
Understanding the healing doctrine of at-one-ment.
Everyone deserves God's love–no matter what issues they may be dealing with.

Singing = Happiness

Sharing her love of music is a major part of this teen's life.

Thank you, God!

A Sunday school student tells how she helped heal her little cousin.
How I Found Christian Science
When I got Science and Health, I drank it up. It spoke so clearly to the Truth I was seeking.
Testimony of Healing
Mary Baker Eddy wrote on <a class="tome-reference" href="https&#x3A;&#x2F;&#x2F;login.
Testimony of Healing

Pain and lump under arm healed

After my last child was born, I found I was having trouble with one of my arms.
Testimony of Healing
One day, my daughter Sarah, who was five years old at the time, asked me, “Aren’t we going on the roller coasters today?
From the Editors
God provides for and sustains His creation.

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