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Before 2011 really takes off I want to record my sincere thanks to Laura Clayton for her heartfelt “My prayer this Christmas” in the December 20, 2010, Sentinel.

Nurturing faith

From humble beginnings come great things.
Items of Interest
Home is the primary setting where kids learn to make meaning of their place in the universe.
Items of Interest
Walking down Kilmarnock Street in the Fenway on Saturday night, Rebecca Nelson chuckled when she heard music and people spilling out of Church [a local nightclub near the baseball park].
Items of Interest
The Illinois State Board of Education announced to school districts [January 14] that the US District Court has lifted its injunction on the Silent Reflection and Student Prayer Act.
Sentinel Watch

Europe is more than the Euro

Truth’s integrity and trustworthiness bring to the surface everything that needs to be known and understood.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

Healing the world

A higher law was at work in Jesus’ Gospel, namely the law of God.

Sing your life!

Lifting our voices in song can transform the way we think about our lives and our churches.

A message about baptism

As Mother Church employees have traveled the world meeting with members, one interesting thing they’ve learned is that in some countries people may be asked to provide evidence of baptism in order to participate in certain public activities, such as voting or school attendance.
Church Alive
During my business career, a strike occurred at one of the company’s factories where I worked.
As a student wrestles with questions in his chaplaincy program, answers come in an unexpected way.

What’s in your closet?

Spring cleaning yields spiritual insights for this writer.

A healing faith

When we actively make room in our lives for God, we grow in our faith and invite good into our experience.

How my faith grew

Impelled to study Christian Science again to help her family, this writer's faith blooms.
Question of the Week

How do you keep your prayers fresh?

I like to take just one idea only and hold that idea in my thought all day.
A Biblical perspective.

Teen voices from the Philippines

These teen writers share how their study of Christian Science has inspired them.
Spiritual Focus on Books

Striking the Wright match

Love is a language to be learned, a musical instrument to be practiced.

The letting is all

It’s all about the letting not the getting, grabbing pushing, pulling trying to do more, or go, go where?
Testimony of Healing

Lump in breast healed

Last winter a lump developed in my breast.
Testimony of Healing

Anxiety over weight gain overcome

About two years ago, even without checking what my weight was, I began to feel heavier.
Testimony of Healing

A quick healing

Each morning I wake up very early, repeating and thinking about “the scientific statement of being” from Science and Health.
From the Editors

What do we cling to?

Everyone can breathe in a conscious awareness of Spirit’s sustaining influence and harmonizing, safe-guarding power. 

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