I've had the privilege of growing up with Christian Science and have had many proofs of God's wonderful care for me and those around me. For example, through prayer in Christian Science I've had healings of flu and of a persistent wart on the bottom of my foot. After we prayed, our dog was healed after consuming a deadly poison. And financial and employment issues have been resolved. All these healings came about through the understanding of God's unchanging love and provision for me and all of His creation. I've learned to understand more that all of God's creation is perfect and harmonious, and that this fact never changes, no matter what the five material senses are saying. God's perfect reality is always present and operating.

This was brought home to me again in an incident of protection that we experienced about a year ago. My husband and I live on a small farm outside of Johnnesburg, South Africa. I was outside my home on a beautifully sunny and dry winter day, when I unexpectedly heard the sound of a raging fire in the distance. The crackling sound filled my heart with dread. When I caught a glimpse of the quickly approaching flames, I was paralyzed with fear—but only for a moment. Immediately I reached out to our Father-Mother God for help. A wonderful thought from God spoke to me, saying that He would never allow His children to come to harm or to suffer.

Testimony of Healing
June 8, 2009

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