For many years I struggled with intense abdominal pain and discomfort associated with my menstrual cycle. It had gotten to the point where I could pretty much count on being incapacitated for at least one day per month, which meant time lost from school and later, as an adult, from work. I attended the Christian Science Sunday School throughout my childhood and teen years. During that time, I had healings that were quick and immediate. This monthly recurring challenge, however, seemed especially difficult to overcome. It took perseverance, but eventually I had a permanent healing.

As I prayed about this, I learned three significant lessons. The first was to protest mentally. One month my period began on a day when I had numerous work and personal responsibilities. I remember thinking clearly and firmly, "I do not have time for this today!" I valued the work I was doing and knew it was right for me to actively carry out my duties. The years of monthly pain and days spent in bed suddenly seemed like such an incredible imposition. There wasn't a whole lot more to my thoughts at that point, but as the day progressed, I was able to complete all the needed tasks with a greater degree of freedom than I'd ever experienced before. This marked a very obvious turning point that made the healing very special to me.

Testimony of Healing
October 12, 2009

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