One day early in my teaching career, I was showing the pupils in an eighth grade science class how hydrogen gas is produced in a transparent gallon glass jug, as a result of a chemical reaction between hydrochloric acid and zinc. Surprisingly, when I lit a match to show the combustibility of the gas formed, a loud explosion occurred in the jug instead of the expected flash of light. My left ear was close to the mouth of the container, and, as a result, I initially experienced a near total loss of hearing in that ear. (Fortunately, the thick glass did not shatter, nor were students aware of the hearing problem that resulted.)

I prayed immediately about this situation. After a few weeks, my hearing improved somewhat, although it still seemed to be impaired by at least 25 percent. The hearing difficulty, never medically diagnosed, remained at this level for a lengthy period, despite my continued prayers. One test that I applied during this time was to listen to the ticking of an antique watch, which I could hear clearly in my right ear but only barely in my left ear. Still, I persevered in prayer.

Testimony of Healing
February 27, 2006

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